Contract/Bid Information

We rely on a variety of partners to maintain and improve the Turnpike system. As a quasi-public organization, our bid process may vary from governmental entities in the state. Below you can find information on projects that are open to bids as well as those that have already been awarded to contractors but are not yet complete.

Open Bids

  • There are currently no open bids.

Ongoing Projects

  • KTA Contract #5873

    Bridge Reconstruction, Br. 206.345 (K-32 Bridge)

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  • KTA Contract #5818

    Milling & Ultra Thin Bonded Asphalt Overlay, MM 26.8 - MM 50.8, Sedgwick County

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #5742

    Interchange and Ramp Improvements at MM 110.820 (Cattle Pens)

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #5677

    Reconstruction of Bridge 206.345 and Bridge 221.542

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #5739

    Bridge reconstruction of Br. 44.325 N&S in Sedgwick County

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #5892

    Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #5879

    Reconstruct Br. 157.013 NB & SB, Remove Br. 157.153 NB & SB

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #6028

    HMA Overlay MM 13 to MM 27 Sumner County

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #6031

    This contract will consist of construction of Reinforced Concrete Box Culverts at KTA/I-35 MM 101.7 & 101.9.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #6035

    Towanda Service Area Ramp Improvements and Parking Expansion MM 65

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #5872

    East Kellogg (US-54/400) - Greenwich and I-35 (KTA) Interchanges

    More info »

Advertising Opportunities

Let us help you get your business out there. We have multiple opportunities to advertise along the Turnpike.

  • Blue Logo Highway Signs

    Businesses within a certain distance of KTA Interchanges are eligible to place their logo on a blue highway sign in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). For information on the cost and guidelines of this program, please contact us!

  • Adopt-a-Highway

    Businesses and organizations can be recognized on Adopt-a-Highway signs on the Kansas Turnpike. If you’re interested in this program or want more information, visit or contact Sarah Parkes at (800) 540-8694 or email

  • Toll Plazas and Service Areas

    Limited advertising is available at toll plaza and service area locations. To receive information on this opportunity, contact us.

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