Current Requests

With The Kansas Turnpike

Current Requests With the Kansas TurnpikeThe Kansas Turnpike Authority accepts bids on a variety of projects. The KTA is a semi-public organization which does not receive any tax dollars for the maintenance or construction of the roadway. Bidding procedures for the KTA may vary from other Kansas governmental agencies.

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Data Collection Request

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For engineering or construction information, please visit the Contract/Bid information page.

Questions Received

Q1: Does KTA want data captured in each direction?
A1: Yes

Q2: Can the selected provider mount cameras on KTA equipment or infrastructure?
A2: Cameras must be mounted on consultant/vendor equipment, not on KTA equipment or infrastructure.

Q3: Would KTA be interested in origin-destination data using GPS based data sources?
A3: No.

There are no current requests. For engineering or construction information, please visit the Contract/Bid information page.

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KTA Fact

The original 1954 bond issue has been paid off and new bonds have been issued for financing safety improvements, major reconstruction projects and upgrading.