Current Opportunities

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant in the Topeka area

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Software Developer

Software Developer in Wichita

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Equipment Operator

Equipment Operator in El Dorado

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Temporary Equipment Operators

Temporary Equipment Operators at All Maintenance Locations

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Ongoing Part-Time Positions

KTA accepts preliminary applications for select part-time positions on an ongoing basis that are kept on file for 60 days. The number of part-time hours available are contingent upon scheduling needs and applicant's availability. If contacted for possible employment an official application will need to be submitted.


Good customer service and cashier skills necessary. Comfortable using computer equipment and standing for long periods of time in an isolated environment. Available to work a variety of shifts including evenings, late night, weekends and holidays. High school diploma or GED required.

PART-TIME K-TAG Event Worker

Communicates with the public about the K-TAG program and facilitates tag distribution and account setup. Must be out-going, professional and comfortable using computer or tablet. High school diploma or GED and a valid driver’s license required

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KTA Fact

There are historical markers at some of the Service Areas that show areas of interest. The Turnpike crosses the historic Santa Fe Trail near milepost 155 and the Oregon Trail near milepost 189.