Employment Overview

With The Kansas Turnpike

Employment With the Kansas TurnpikeThe Kansas Turnpike Authority is a great place to work.  Our employees receive competitive wages and a benefits package for full-time employees, including health insurance.  Employees also participate in the Kansas Public Employees Retirement System (KPERS).

Depending on the position, KTA advertises the opening to current employees first and then to potential outside applicants.

KTA will not consider for employment persons who smoke or use other tobacco products and whose spouse smokes or uses tobacco products.

Specific instructions regarding the application process may be obtained on our Job Line at (316) 682-4537 ext. 2295. KTA does not accept employment applications unless there is a current job opening. We do not hand out or accept applications at any of our Toll Plaza locations or headquarters in Wichita or Topeka. The KTA is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

KTA Fact

1956 - 1957
Reasonable and Prudent

1957 - 1970
80 mph Maximum
40 mph Minimum

1970 - 1974
75 mph Maximum - Day
70 mph Maximum - Night
40 mph Minimum

1974 - 1987
55 mph Maximum

May 1987
65 mph on rural interstates
55 mph through town of 50,000 or more and from Emporia to Topeka

October 1987
Emporia to Topeka re-classified as I-335 and now 65 mph

65 mph around Wichita & Topeka

70 mph from Oklahoma line to I-70/435. 65 mph from I-70 to 18th St.

Entire Turnpike changed to 70 mph

Turnpike from K-7 near Bonner Springs south to Oklahoma border changed to 75 mph