About K-Tag

Save on Tolls with K-Tag!*

Save 15% on Tolls with K-Tag

K-TAG is the Kansas Turnpike Authority’s electronic tolling program. Using a K-TAG allows drivers to use the Turnpike without stopping to pay a toll. It’s easy and convenient!

K-TAGs can be purchased at any attended toll exit lane, online, at AAA offices in Kansas, or at the The Merc in Lawrence.

K-TAGs purchased at toll booth or retail locations must be registered within 48 hours of first use.

* Vehicles with 2-4 axles save approximately 20% and vehicles with 5-9 axles save an average 5% on tolls using the purchase payment option. Further savings can be found using the prepaid payment option.

Two Money-Saving Payment Options

Purchase Option

Purchase a tag for $15 and back your account by a payment card. Tolls are charged to or deducted from the payment card on a monthly basis. Save an average 20% on tolls and there are no monthly fees.* Additional tags can be purchased for the same price. This option is best if you spend less than $10 per month in tolls or if you don’t want to prepay.

Prepaid Option

Start your account with $40. Every time you use your K-TAG, we’ll deduct the amount from your balance. You can replenish automatically by payment card or mail a check/money order when your balance gets low. If you purchased your tag at an exit lane, the $15 purchase price will be credited to your account. By maintaining a positive balance in your account, you receive an extra 10 percent discount.* You pay a $1 monthly fee per tag. This option is best if you spend more than $10 per month in tolls.

* Customers driving passenger vehicles can save 20-30% and commercial drivers can save 5-15%, depending on which payment option is used.

Using Your K-Tag

Using Your K-Tag

The K-TAG is a device that adheres to your windshield. It must be mounted to work*. Once you apply the tag to your windshield, you can use any of the K-TAG equipped lanes at our 22 toll plazas. For instructions on how to mount your K-TAG, click here.

*Some vehicles, like motorcycles and those with metal oxide windshields, require special tags or mounting instructions. Please contact a customer service representative before applying for a K-TAG if you have questions about whether a K-TAG will work on your vehicle.

KTA Fact

K-TAGS can be purchased on this website or at


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