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Purchased K-TAGs must be registered within 48 hours of first use. You may register online below or call (316) 652-2650.

A valid payment credit or debit card is required for K-TAG participation. It will also be used for account replenishment.

When you register your K-TAG you will have the ability to sign up for online statements as well as add additional K-TAGs to the same account. Please note, each vehicle requires a separate K-TAG.

Getting started with K-TAG is easy

I am a brand new customer and need to open an account because I would:

  • Like to register a K-TAG bought at a toll booth or retail location OR
  • Like to order a K-TAG by mail

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I am an existing customer who bought a K-TAG at a toll booth or retail location and need to add it to my account and have:

  • Never accessed my account online

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  • Previously accessed my account online

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KTA Fact

K-TAGS can be purchased on this website or at


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