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K-TAG & PikePass partnership means improved holiday travel

Wichita, KS – With the Kansas and Oklahoma Turnpike Authority’s electronic toll collection programs becoming compatible November 1, driving between the two states is simpler and traveling this holiday season will be easier. 

“Drivers really appreciate the convenience of using only one tag – a K-TAG or a PikePass – to travel in both states,” said Alan Bakaitis, KTA’s Chief Operations Officer. “We’re averaging about 3,000 PikePass customers per day and we anticipate that number increasing during the holidays.”

Historically, the day before Thanksgiving is the Turnpike’s busiest travel day of the year. Last year, 136,667 vehicles traveled on the 236-mile toll road on this day.

“Keeping traffic moving is key to getting a large number of vehicles through the toll lanes quickly and safely,” said Bruce Meisch, KTA’s Director of Information Technology. “Having a K-TAG certainly speeds up travel. When the tag is mounted on the windshield as instructed, the signal from the tag is read accurately over 99% of the time and the gate goes up.”

As people gear up for the travel season, the call volume in the K-TAG Customer Service Center increases and this year is no exception. Most calls are from people ordering a K-TAG or with questions on how their K-TAG works in Oklahoma or vice versa. 

“It’s important for PikePass customers to understand they can now use the dedicated K-TAG lanes in Kansas. These are the lanes on the far right side at the toll plazas,” said Gary Culbertson, K-TAG Customer Service Manager. “Likewise, people traveling south to Oklahoma can use their K-TAG on all ten of the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority toll roads.”

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November 20, 2014 Media Release

K-TAG & PikePass to work in either state tomorrow

Wichita, KS – Regional travel becomes easier tomorrow – November 1 – when the Kansas and Oklahoma electronic toll collection programs become compatible with each other. Motorists will only need one tag – a K-TAG or a PikePass – when traveling in either state.

Customers with both a K-TAG and a PikePass are being asked to remove one of the tags to prevent duplicate reads and other tag interference. To learn which tag works best, customers can use an interactive decision tool found at or by calling 1-800-USE-KTAG.

The start of the agreement between the Kansas Turnpike Authority and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority means regional travel is simplified said Kansas Transportation Secretary Mike King, who also serves as Director of the KTA.

“It’s a great day in Kansas when we make it easier for travelers to go between two states,” Secretary King said. “I’m pleased we were able to respond to the customers’ request for this added convenience and can provide a smooth and seamless travel experience with Oklahoma.”


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October 28, 2014 Media Release

K-TAG & PikePass agreement starts November 1

Wichita, KS – This coming Saturday, November 1, will be the first day travelers can use a K-TAG or a PikePass to electronically pay for tolls when driving on the Kansas Turnpike or any of the ten toll roads in Oklahoma.

The move by the Kansas Turnpike Authority and the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority makes regional travel easier. K-TAG customers will be able to use the PikePass lanes in Oklahoma and PikePass will be accepted in the K-TAG lanes in Kansas.

“For the person with only one tag – a K-TAG or a PikePass – travel will be seamless,” said Marty Wiltse, KTA’s Chief Technology Officer.

Customers with both a K-TAG and a PikePass can get help in determining which program is right for their travel needs.

“We developed an interactive decision tool to help customers decide which tag is right for them,” said Rachel Bell, Marketing and Communications Director for the KTA.  “The tool can be found at and of course, our K-TAG Customer Service Center is available by calling 1-800-USE-KTAG.”

Being interoperable with Oklahoma is part of the KTA’s overall effort to provide a simplified and positive experience for motorists choosing to travel on the Kansas Turnpike.

“Our agreement with the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority will make travel seamless and more efficient for interstate travelers,” said Alan Bakaitis, KTA’s Chief Operations Officer. “We hope they are as excited as we are about this change and about the future of transportation here in Kansas.”

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October 27, 2014 Media Release

KDOT, KTA & City of Wichita partner on Kellogg improvements

The Kansas Department of Transportation, the Kansas Turnpike Authority and the City of Wichita announced they will work together on east Kellogg improvements that will strategically address traffic flow and growth in east Wichita. Learn more by reading the joint news release.

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October 16, 2014 Media Release

KDOT & KTA to open first co-located facility in Emporia

Kansas Transportation Secretary and Director of the Kansas Turnpike Authority Mike King will officiate the grand opening of the combined KDOT and KTA field office in Emporia.

Time: 11:30 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 16

Location: KDOT/KTA Field Office, 4200 W US Highway 50, Emporia

What: Ribbon-cutting and remarks from Secretary King followed by an open house.

Why: The Emporia field office is the first co-located KDOT/KTA facility and symbolizes the formalized partnership between the Kansas Department of Transportation and the Kansas Turnpike Authority enacted during the 2013 Kansas legislative session.

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October 15, 2014 Media Release

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