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2015 Customer Satisfaction Survey Summary

As the world around us changes, the KTA wants to make sure we are meeting the expectations of today's customers. Earlier this year, we conducted a customer satisfaction survey to find out what our travelers want and expect from us. The results are in. Open this file to view the results summary.

Beware of E-ZPass Email Phishing Scam

An email scam, disguised as an E-ZPass request for payment of unpaid tolls, is once again making its way into in-boxes across the country. It first appeared early last summer. As the number of reports increase, we wanted to remind you to be extra careful when in your email inbox. This phishing scam is NOT related to the K-TAG program. This email attempts to steal personal information by stating the recipient is 'in arrears for driving on toll road' or gives 'a notice to appear' due to unpaid tolls. The email also includes a bogus invoice and zip file attachment. It contains information to make the reader believe it is from E-ZPass. You may see the E-ZPass logo, that it comes from the E-Z Agent or the E-ZPass Service Center.

K-TAG accounts are not part of the E-ZPass toll collection system. If you receive this email, we advise you to not open or respond to it. The safest thing to do is to delete the email.

Where does your K-TAG take you?

With summer winding down & fall activities on the horizon, we wonder where your K-TAG will be taking you – to college, work, sporting events or festivals. The possibilities are endless.

Share your travel adventures by participating in the ‘K-TAG Takes Me’ contest. It’s easy to enter! Just submit your most creative photo via Twitter and tag it with #KTAGtakesme. Four lucky winners will be awarded a $25 VISA gift card and be featured in an upcoming video.

To help you out, we’ll be highlighting events and other opportunities in communities along the Turnpike during August as part of Family Fun Month. Grab your family and go explore!

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Entries are limited to two photos per person.
  • You must be 18 to enter and not an employee of the Kansas Turnpike Authority.
  • Permission for KTA to use entered photos for promotional purposes is authorized by the act of submission.
  • Entries will be accepted until 11:59 pm on September 30, 2014, based on Twitter’s time stamp.
  • Winning entries will be selected based upon discretion of KTA staff and will be notified October 7, 2014.

Have an event along the Turnpike you’d like us to consider promoting? Tweet it to us by using the hashtag #KTAGtakesme.

K-TAG ‘swap’ started

Late May marked the start of a four-month K-TAG replacement project. We are asking select* customers to ‘swap’ their battery operated hard case K-TAGs for tags with newer, more efficient technology. The replacement tags will be provided at NO COST.

Customers affected – nearly 60,000 - are being notified via emails and letters May through July. Tags not swapped out will be deactivated or turned off starting in mid-August through September. The old tags can be recycled or discarded by the customer and do not need to be returned to KTA.

*Not all customers with hard case K-TAGs are affected. Only those contacted by KTA need to take action.

Delays on I-70/KTA on May 2

Due to the high level of traffic on I-70 between Topeka and Lawrence, the Kansas Turnpike elected to complete much of a scheduled paving project at night. View the original news release.

Work was completed as scheduled overnight on Thursday, May 1.

Around mid-day today, May 2, the patch work started to come out on the Eastbound side of the road, taking with it larger chunks of asphalt.

KTA maintenance and engineering crews, along with the contractor, had to close two of the three lanes in order to complete the emergency repair work. For safety reasons, this situation had to be addressed immediately. Unfortunately, the lane closures caused backups and lengthy delays.

We are well aware of our customers’ expectations and travel needs and sincerely regret that these were not met. The entire purpose of doing work at night is to avoid conditions similar to what was experienced today.

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KTA Fact

1956 - 1957
Reasonable and Prudent

1957 - 1970
80 mph Maximum
40 mph Minimum

1970 - 1974
75 mph Maximum - Day
70 mph Maximum - Night
40 mph Minimum

1974 - 1987
55 mph Maximum

May 1987
65 mph on rural interstates
55 mph through town of 50,000 or more and from Emporia to Topeka

October 1987
Emporia to Topeka re-classified as I-335 and now 65 mph

65 mph around Wichita & Topeka

70 mph from Oklahoma line to I-70/435. 65 mph from I-70 to 18th St.

Entire Turnpike changed to 70 mph

Turnpike from K-7 near Bonner Springs south to Oklahoma border changed to 75 mph