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K-TAG Joins Ford to Present Blacktop Nationals

Today BlackTop Nationals announced K-TAG is a new partner for their Classic Car & Motorcycle Event and we couldn’t be happier!  Our hope in being part of this event is that more people learn the full capabilities of K-TAG and how it can save them time and money when traveling on the Turnpike.  To learn more about the partnership, read BlackTop Nationals’ press release here.

2013 K-TAG Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Kansas Turnpike Authority conducted a survey between August 28 and September 27, 2013, to determine the satisfaction of K-TAG customers.

See the results of the survey here.

Hardee’s and Dunkin’ Donuts Grand Opening at Towanda Service Area

The old stereotype of ‘cops and donuts’ took on a different meaning as Kansas Highway Patrol Troopers assigned to the Turnpike helped with the Grand Opening celebration of Dunkin’ Donuts and Hardee’s, which recently opened at the Towanda Service Area between Wichita and El Dorado on the Kansas Turnpike. The celebration took place Thursday, Oct. 24, 2013, at 1 p.m.
“It’s great to be able to celebrate opening another Hardee’s and Dunkin’ Donut location on the Turnpike,” said Mike King, Kansas Secretary of Transportation and Director of the Kansas Turnpike.  “This partnership is well matched because we all feel strongly about the level of service we want to provide to our customers.”
Rising Star, the franchise group for both Hardee’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, was the winning bidder earlier this year at both the Towanda and Matfield Green Service Areas. The group opened the Matfield Green restaurants in late July, then renovated the Towanda space prior to opening last week.  KTA appreciates the increased service that GasMart USA, the fuel provider and convenience store operator at these two service areas, provided to travelers during the construction.
Rising Star and GasMart USA recognized the traveling public’s patience during the remodel by offering special promotions good at both the Towanda and Matfield Green service areas.
“We are so appreciative of Kansas Turnpike travelers,” said Tony Parrish, Hardee’s/Dunkin’ Donuts vice president of operations. “Like Matfield Green, the Towanda Hardee’s had strong sales on its opening day. Kansas travelers are really welcoming us.”
To encourage travelers to take a break for safety during the upcoming busy holiday travel periods, Kansas Highway Patrol Troopers at the grand opening handed out safety tips – and donuts.
“Safe driving is such an important message” said Capt. Joe Bott, commander of Troop G, the Kansas Highway Patrol unit with the Turnpike. “Turnpike troopers gladly handed out donuts and interacted with our customers in a fun way in order to forward our message.”

See photos:

Transportation Summit report released

The report from the Governor's Sept. 5 Transportation Summit in Emporia is now available here.

KTA Auction on Purple Wave

On Thursday, October 10, 2013 10 a.m. CDT the KTA will be selling used equipment and vehicles on Just a few of the items include: dump truck, utiltiy truck, pickup trucks, cars, mower, guardrail, bridge beams and much, much more. See the sale items at:

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KTA Fact

1956 - 1957
Reasonable and Prudent

1957 - 1970
80 mph Maximum
40 mph Minimum

1970 - 1974
75 mph Maximum - Day
70 mph Maximum - Night
40 mph Minimum

1974 - 1987
55 mph Maximum

May 1987
65 mph on rural interstates
55 mph through town of 50,000 or more and from Emporia to Topeka

October 1987
Emporia to Topeka re-classified as I-335 and now 65 mph

65 mph around Wichita & Topeka

70 mph from Oklahoma line to I-70/435. 65 mph from I-70 to 18th St.

Entire Turnpike changed to 70 mph

Turnpike from K-7 near Bonner Springs south to Oklahoma border changed to 75 mph