Newsletter: November/December 2013

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K-TAG Satisfaction Survey results are in

In early fall, the Kansas Turnpike Authority conducted a customer survey to determine the level of satisfaction with the K-TAG program.
Approximately 22% of K-TAG customers who received notification about the survey via e-mail responded.
Below are two of the changes we will be implementing based upon survey results:

  • Approximately 98% of K-TAG customers would recommend the program to a friend. We appreciate your support of the program! To thank you, KTA will be giving away $25 account credits to four lucky customers, randomly chosen  from those who submit a K-TAG testimonial during the month of November. For complete details, see the information on the back page.  Going forward, we’ll be looking for even more ways to reward your loyalty and show our appreciation of your business.
  • Only 31% of survey respondents said they read the printed or online PDF version of this newsletter. When comparing that with 78% of you who would prefer to receive communication from KTA in e-mail format, we will be moving to an e-newsletter format beginning in January. Look for details on the back page about how to sign up.

Find the complete survey results here.

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Restaurants reopen at Towanda Service Area

A grand opening celebration for Dunkin’ Donuts and Hardee’s at the Towanda Service Area between Wichita and El Dorado on the Turnpike was held in late October.
“This partnership is well matched because we all feel strongly about the level of service we want to provide to our customers,” said Mike King, Kansas Secretary of Transportation and Director of the Kansas Turnpike. 
Rising Star, the franchise group for both Hardee’s and Dunkin’ Donuts, was the winning bidder earlier this year at both the Towanda and Matfield Green Service Areas. The group opened the Matfield Green restaurants in late July, then renovated the Towanda space.
KTA appreciates the increased service that GasMart USA, the convenience store operator at these two service areas, provided to travelers during the construction.
“We are so appreciative of Kansas Turnpike travelers,” said Tony Parrish, Rosenfield Restaurants’ regional vice-president. “Like Matfield Green, the Towanda Hardee’s had strong sales on its opening day. Kansas travelers are really welcoming us.”
Rising Star and GasMart USA recognized the traveling public’s patience during the remodel by offering grand opening specials good at both the Towanda and Matfield Green service areas.

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Watch for deer this time of year

Due to cooler weather, breeding habits and the beginning of hunting season, deer migration requires extra caution this time of year in Kansas.
But, no matter what the season, studies find that most deer/vehicle collisions occur at sunset or sunrise, as deer — mostly nocturnal creatures — are making their way to or from their destination.

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The 236-mile Turnpike was constructed in 22 months and opened to traffic October 25, 1956.