Physical Disabilities

Self-Pay Lanes

Handicap AccessibleThe Kansas Turnpike currently has Self-Pay lanes at many interchanges (see below):

Times of Self-Pay operation vary by interchange depending on the volume of traffic. The Cassoday, Council Grove/Osage City, and Tonganoxie-Eudora interchanges operate as Self-Pay continuously.

If a driver is unable to physically operate a Self Pay machine, we encourage them to obtain a K-TAG for payment convenience.

Any customer may apply for a K-TAG through this web site and receive a K-TAG for free. The customer will still be responsible for paying the standard K-TAG fares for each trip and abiding by all established KTA/K-TAG policies.

Wellington: US-160, Milepost 19
Mulvane: K-53, Milepost 33
El Dorado: US-254, Milepost 71
El Dorado: US-77, Milepost 76
Haysville-Derby: 71st St., Milepost 39
Wichita: K-15, Milepost 45
Wichita: K-96, Milepost 53
Andover: 21st St, Milepost 57
Cassoday: K-177, Milepost 92
Council Grove, Osage City: US-56, Milepost 147
Topeka: K-4, Milepost 182
Lecompton, Lawrence: K-10, Milepost 197
Lawrence: US-59, US, 40, Milepost 204
Tonganoxie-Eudora: 222nd St, Milepost 212

For additional information on K-TAG, please visit the About K-TAG page.  If you have any questions, please contact us!

Service Area Accessibility

All six service areas have reserved parking, wheelchair access ramps and specially designed restroom facilities. Several of the newer service areas include family restrooms to accommodate those needing additional assistance as well. To learn more, visit services areas.

KTA Fact

The 236-mile Turnpike was constructed in 22 months and opened to traffic October 25, 1956.