Self-Pay Lanes

Self-Pay Locations

Due to the very low volume of vehicles at some plazas during some time periods, Self-Pay machines are used instead of staffing to reduce KTA labor costs and keep KTA fares as low as possible. A step-by-step color-coded guide is displayed on the Self-Pay machine which instructs the customer how to pay. Instructions are also provided by a real time video screen. All Self-Pay locations are monitored remotely using video and audio equipment, and a customer service representative is always available to help customers verbally if they have questions about the payment system or if they need other assistance.

Self Pay Image w KTAG message

The Kansas Turnpike currently has Self-Pay lanes at these interchanges:

Wellington: US-160, Milepost 19
Mulvane: K-53, Milepost 32 
Mulvane: K-53, Milepost 33
El Dorado: K-254, Milepost 71
El Dorado: US-77, Milepost 76
Haysville-Derby: 71st St., Milepost 39
Wichita: K-15, Milepost 45
Wichita: K-96, Milepost 53
Andover: 21st St, Milepost 57
Cassoday: K-177, Milepost 92
Council Grove, Osage City: US-56, Milepost 147
Topeka: K-4, Milepost 182
Lecompton, Lawrence: K-10, Milepost 197
Lawrence: US-59, US, 40, Milepost 204
Tonganoxie-Eudora: 222nd St, Milepost 212


Times of Self-Pay operation vary by interchange depending on the volume of traffic. The Mulvane (MP 33), Cassoday, Council Grove/Osage City, and Tonganoxie-Eudora interchanges operate as Self-Pay continuously.  The Self-Pay machines are designed to accept credit cards or cash for your convenience. If a driver is unable to physically operate a Self-Pay machine, we encourage them to obtain a K-TAG for payment convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

KTA Fact

The 236-mile Turnpike was constructed in 22 months and opened to traffic October 25, 1956.