Self-Pay Lanes

Self-Pay Locations

Due to the very low volume of vehicles at some plazas during some time periods, Self-Pay machines are used instead of staffing to reduce KTA labor costs and keep KTA fares as low as possible. A step-by-step color-coded guide is displayed on the Self-Pay machine which instructs the customer how to pay. Instructions are also provided by a real time video screen. All Self-Pay locations are monitored remotely using video and audio equipment, and a customer service representative is always available to help customers verbally if they have questions about the payment system or if they need other assistance.

Self Pay Image w KTAG message

The Kansas Turnpike currently has Self-Pay lanes at these interchanges:

Wellington: US-160, Milepost 19
Mulvane: K-53, Milepost 32 
Mulvane: K-53, Milepost 33
El Dorado: K-254, Milepost 71
El Dorado: US-77, Milepost 76
Haysville-Derby: 71st St., Milepost 39
Wichita: K-15, Milepost 45
Wichita: K-96, Milepost 53
Andover: 21st St, Milepost 57
Cassoday: K-177, Milepost 92
Council Grove, Osage City: US-56, Milepost 147
Topeka: K-4, Milepost 182
Lecompton, Lawrence: K-10, Milepost 197
Lawrence: US-59, US, 40, Milepost 204
Tonganoxie-Eudora: 222nd St, Milepost 212


Times of Self-Pay operation vary by interchange depending on the volume of traffic. The Mulvane (MP 33), Cassoday, Council Grove/Osage City, and Tonganoxie-Eudora interchanges operate as Self-Pay continuously.  The Self-Pay machines are designed to accept credit cards or cash for your convenience. If a driver is unable to physically operate a Self-Pay machine, we encourage them to obtain a K-TAG for payment convenience.

If you have any questions, please contact us!

KTA Fact

There are historical markers at some of the Service Areas that show areas of interest. The Turnpike crosses the historic Santa Fe Trail near milepost 155 and the Oregon Trail near milepost 189.