Travel Overview

Using the Kansas Turnpike for the first time?

Below is information to help you use the Kansas Turnpike:

  • You will only pay one time for each trip. Payment will be collected when you exit the Turnpike.
  • Enter through a lane marked "ticket / cash". Do not enter through a lane marked as KTAG only.
  • Pick up a ticket when you enter from an employee or from an automatic ticket dispensing machine.
  • Exit thru a lane marked "cash/self-pay". KTA accepts cash and major credit cards.

If you will be using the Turnpike several times, you may be interested in participating in the K-TAG electronic toll collection program. Tolls on the Kansas Turnpike are based on distance traveled and the number of axles on your vehicle. Use the toll calculator to figure your fare.

Going to a special event?

Special events often mean congestion. If you are headed to a special event in a town along the Turnpike, consider that there may be more than one exit to take you where you need to go. Using an exit that is further from your destination may actually save you time by spreading traffic more equally across several different routes.

Some of the area's more popular destinations and the exits you should consider.
Cricket Wireless Amphitheater (formerly Sandstone Amphitheater) in Bonner Springs
Exit 224, 410, or 411

Memorial Stadium in Lawrence
Exit 197, 202, or 204

Intrust Bank Arena in Wichita
Exit 53, 50, or 42

View the Calendar of Events to see what is expected to impact traffic along the Turnpike.

Ensuring Safety

Ensuring SafetyThe Kansas Turnpike tries to ensure the safety of its customers through routine maintenance and construction, customer and employee education programs and increased efforts of the Kansas Highway Patrol Troop G. In the early 1990s, the KTA completed the installation of the barrier wall in the median between the four lanes of traffic. This wall is estimated to save approximately 10 lives each year and prevent countless numbers of serious injuries. The barrier wall and the Turnpike’s limited access help increase safety for motorists.

The KTA also provides services to its customers through the following methods:

  • Each year, the KTA sponsors a rollover demonstration to teach customers of the importance of wearing a seatbelt. The annual demonstration is usually held at a Turnpike Service Area during a busy holiday weekend, offering the KTA a chance to reach more customers. The Turnpike also participates in “Put the Brakes on Fatalities” day held annually on October 10.
  • Six service areas located strategically along the Turnpike provide opportunities for fuel, food, ATMs, weather information, and other necessary items and services. These service areas are located at mileposts 26, 65, 97, 132, 188, and 209. For more information on the Turnpike’s service areas, please visit our frequently asked questions.
  • If you lose any property while traveling on the Kansas Turnpike, contact the Patrol Administrative Assistant, Kansas Turnpike Authority Headquarters, 9401 East Kellogg, Wichita, Kansas 67207-1804, (316) 682-4537 x 2352. We make every effort to locate lost items.
  • Storm shelters are available at nearly every KTA facility.
Download the complete list of KTA storm shelters

KTA Fact

The 236-mile Turnpike was constructed in 22 months and opened to traffic October 25, 1956.