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Contract/Bid Information

We rely on a variety of partners to maintain and improve the Turnpike system. As a quasi-public organization, our bid process may vary from governmental entities in the state. Currently, the Kansas Turnpike has adopted electronic bidding through Bid Express for construction contracts to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness for contractors and the agency.

Instructions for electronic bidding:
Bid Express Instructions

Below you can find information on projects that are open to bids as well as those that have already been awarded to contractors but are not yet complete.

  • KTA Contract #7487

    I-70/Turner Diagonal Interchange – Project Manager Consultant (PMC)

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7579

    Bridge Painting Div 1

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7526

    Full depth Dowel Jointed - Non Reinforced 10" PCCP Pavement Patching

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7528

    Mill and asphaltic concrete inlay of the driving lanes and shoulders from KTA MM 167.7 to (I-470) MM 183.3 as well as milling and overlaying the interchange and ramps at South Topeka, the access road, parking lots and maintenance yard (MM 177), and K-4 Interchange (MM 182).

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #5872

    East Kellogg (US-54/400) - Greenwich and I-35 (KTA) Interchanges

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7137

    The primary operations to be undertaken with this project (KTA Contract No. 7137) consist of re-decking and raising bridges 168.297 (93rd St.) and 169.627 (85th St.). The project is located in Shawnee County.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7167

    Re-deck and widen mainline bridges at Turnpike mile marker 130.360. Remove mainline bridges at Turnpike mile marker 130.120.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7290

    Southern Terminal ORT Construction Project.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7170

    Bridge Rehabilitation Br. Nos. 40.024 & 40.449

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7194

    This work will include re-decking and raising bridges 99.960 NB and 99.960SB And overlaying bridges 94.00 NB and 94.00 SB.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7325

    This work will include milling, overlaying and raising bridge 102.26.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7357

    Lecompton Interchange Ramp Improvements Ultra-Thin Bonded Asphalt Surface MM 197.9 to 210.7 & Drainage Improvements at MM 212.2 & MM 214.2

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7482

    HMA surfacing KTA MM 112.3 to 133.2, expansion joint repairs to northbound and southbound KTA Bridges 124.68 and 125.22, accel & decel ramp extension at Emporia Service Area, and drainage improvements at MM 132.2.

    More info »

Advertising Opportunities

Let us help you get your business out there. We have multiple opportunities to advertise along the Turnpike.

  • Businesses within a certain distance of KTA Interchanges are eligible to place their logo on a blue highway sign in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). For information on the cost and guidelines of this program, please contact us!

  • Businesses and organizations can be recognized on Adopt-a-Highway signs on the Kansas Turnpike. If you’re interested in this program or want more information, visit or contact Sarah Parkes at (800) 540-8694 or email

  • Limited advertising is available at toll plaza and service area locations. To receive information on this opportunity, contact our advertising partner.

Investor Relations

The Kansas Turnpike Authority provides annual reporting on financial and traffic information. See the current annual report and bond rating information below. For questions regarding investor relations information, please contact us.

View the latest bond rating documents provided by Moody's Investor Services and Standard & Poor's Financial Services (S&P).

Moody's Credit Opinion, March 2019

S&P Global Rating, March 2019

View the latest CAFR for Fiscal Year 2018.

Learn about accomplishments and other statistics over the past five years here.

Economic Development

Stretching from border-to-border and running through the Flint Hills, the Kansas Turnpike plays an important role in the state’s economic development. The roadway connects Kansas’ four largest communities and serves as a conduit for moving people and goods in Kansas.

We've planned over 40 improvement projects along the Turnpike through 2025 to help travelers keep moving, including Open Road Tolling and more. Learn more about the study and our progress.

We're compatible with various electronic transponders and continue to explore partnerships with other states. View our Interoperability page for more information.

We recognize the essential role we play in getting goods and services to communities along the Turnpike and beyond, and we strive to make commercial travel easy. Learn more about commercial travel here.

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