From seeking new business relationships to being a good partner ourselves, we value business opportunities and the role they play in providing high-quality transportation services

Contract/Bid Information

We rely on a variety of partners to maintain and improve the Turnpike system. As a quasi-public organization, our process may vary from governmental entities in the state.

KTA requests proposals from qualified insurance brokerage firms to provide services and duties customarily performed by an insurance brokerage firm including servicing, underwriting, marketing, and placement of various insurance lines.  KTA requires a well-managed and financially stable firm with demonstrated skills and technical abilities, as well as a high levels of customer service and satisfaction.

RFP 140-221001 - Insurance Brokerage Services

September 29th is the deadline for a potential Operator to submit an Operator Experience Package to the KTA.  The KTA will either accept or reject a potential Operator within five business days.

Rent Proposal Form Sample
Meeting ID: 828 1589 2201
Passcode: 798863

The Kansas Turnpike Authority requests proposals from qualified quick service restaurants vendors for four of its service areas along its 236-mile roadway. These locations include Towanda (MM 65), Matfield Green (MM 97), Emporia (MM 132), and Topeka (MM 188). Requirements of this RFP, including due dates are included in the document below.

Service Area RFP for Topeka, Emporia, Matfield Green, and Towanda
October 2022 Service Area Sales & Traffic
September 2022 Service Area Sales & Traffic
August 2022 Service Area Sales & Traffic
July 2022 Service Area Sales & Traffic
Monthly Service Area Restaurant Sales FY 2018-2021
Topeka Operations and Use Agreement
Matfield Green and Towanda Operations and Use Agreement
Successful Rent Proposal Forms in 2012 and 2000
Restaurant Sales By Concept 2018-2022
Restaurant Breakfast Lease Section 2 Revised

RFP — Roadside Toll Collection System

The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) is seeking Requests for Proposals from qualified Proposing contractors interested in providing a Cashless Tolling Roadside Toll Collection System (RTCS), and associated Maintenance for the Kansas Turnpike. A mandatory pre-proposal scope of services meeting (virtual) is April 1, 2021 2-4 p.m. with the proposal due May 21, 2021, 4 p.m. CDT.

Requirements of this RFP, including events and due dates, are set forth in documentation below.

KTA RTCS — Notice of Award/Notice to Proceed

KTA RTCS — RFP Addendum 3

KTA RTCS — RFP Addendum 2

KTA RTCS — RFP Addendum 1

KTA RTCS — Request for Proposals - Addendum 3

KTA RTCS — RFP Appendices

KTA RTCS — RFP Attachments Part 1

KTA RTCS — RFP Attachments Part 2 - Addendum 3

KTA RTCS — RFP Exhibits

KTA RTCS — Pre-Proposal Meeting Presentation

KTA RTCS — Pre-Proposal Meeting Attendee List

In preparation of this RFP, KTA conducted an industry forum on February 1, 2021 via Webex about the planned implementation of a Roadside Toll Collection System (RTCS) for the Kansas Turnpike.

Related documents are below:

KTA RTCS — Industry Forum Notice

KTA RTCS — Industry Forum Presentation

KTA RTCS — Industry Forum Attendee List

KTA RTCS — Industry Forum Q&A

RFQ – Mobile Application Design and Development

The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) invites interested vendors to submit qualifications to design and develop a mobile application for customer account management, mobile toll payment, and other traveler information. KTA’s objective to is to create a short-list of the most qualified Respondents from which to select the Respondent to deliver the mobile application. Requests for clarification of this RFQ are due Monday, February 24, 2022 by 4:00 p.m. CST with the Statement of Qualifications due Wednesday, March 2, 2022 by 4:00 p.m. CST. Requirements of this RFQ, including due dates, are included in the documents below.

KTA RFQ — Mobile Application Design and Development

KTA Mobile App Appendix A — Optional Features

ADDENDUM #130-220131-01 – Responses to Submitted Questions

Partnership RFQ: US-69 Modernization

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) is initiating the design-build procurement process for Phase 1 of the U.S. 69 Modernization and Expansion Project with the release of a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) on Thursday, October 14, 2021.  For more information visit

RFP – New Web Site Design & Usability

The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) seeks proposals from qualified vendors to provide strategic and creative support for a new front-facing website to include Website Design and User Experience Research and Recommendations. Questions to RFP are due by Friday, April 9, 2021 with proposals due no later than Friday, April 16, 2021. Requirement of this RFP, including due dates are included in the document below.

KTA Web Design RFP

KTA Web Design RFP - Addendum 1

KTA Graphic Standards

RFI - Mobile Application Design and Development

The Kansas Turnpike Authority (KTA) invites vendors to provide feedback, information and materials for consideration in the design, development and ongoing operations and maintenance of its next-generation mobile application.  Questions to the Request for Information are due Friday, April 30, 2021 by 3:00 p.m. CST with written electronic responses due Wednesday, May 19, 2021 by 3:00 p.m. CST. Requirements of this RFI are included in the document below.

KTA Mobile App Design RFI — Addendum 1

KTA Mobile Application Design & Implementation RFI

The Kansas Turnpike has adopted electronic bidding through Bid Express for construction contracts to increase efficiency and cost effectiveness for contractors and the agency.

Instructions for electronic bidding:
Bid Express Instructions

Below you can find information on construction projects that are open to bids as well as those that have already been awarded to contractors but are not yet complete.

  • KTA Contract #7802

    This project is the civil construction work for cashless tolling sites on I-35 (KTA) in Butler and Lyon Counties at MM 56.40, MM 60.62, MM 68.07, MM 73.45, MM 86.57, MM 95.80 & MM 122.87.

    More info »

  • KTA #7921

    Re-deck and Widen Br. 155

    More info »

  • KTA #7801

    This work will include Re-deck and widen Bridge 125.22 SB, hydro demolition and latex modified concrete overlay Bridge 125.22 NB.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7529

    This work will include mill and asphaltic concrete inlay of the driving lanes and shoulders from MM 210.7 to MM 224 as well as milling and overlaying the Tonganoxie Interchange (MM 212) and I-70/K-7 ramps as shown in the plans.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7530

    Ramp improvements at Belle Plain Service Area, replace Br. No. 25.473 & 24.474, and remove Br. Nos. 26.260 NB & SB.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7724

    Mill and Superpave overlay from MM 26.8 to 50.8, Mulvane Interchange (MM 33), Haysville-Derby Interchange (MM 39), South Wichita Interchange (MM 42), K-15 Interchange (MM 45), and East Wichita Interchange (MM 50) in Sumner and Sedgwick County.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7782

    Redeck and Raise Bridge No. 61.197 & Br. No. 69.687.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7668

    Bridge No. 171 & 172 Redeck and Raise

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7794


    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7788

    Cashless Tolling System

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7808

    Drainage Structure Repair MM 219.8

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7742

    This project is for re-decking and widening of northbound and southbound mainline bridges at MM 41.437, 42.445 & 42.850 as well as construction of mainline cashless toll facilities at MM 43.080.

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7884

    12 Overhead Sign Structures (Aluminum) for Cashless Toll Zones MM 56.4, 60.6, 68.1, & 73.4

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7886

    12 Overhead Sign Structures (Aluminum) for Cashless Toll Zones MM 187.4, 191.2, 200.6, & 202.4

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7887

    16 Overhead Sign Structures (Aluminum) for Cashless Toll Zones MM 131.1, 146, 150.6, 179.3, 206.6, & 210.1

    More info »

  • KTA Contract #7820

    This project on KTA (I-35) in Sumner County is for the mill and Superpave overlay from MM 0.0 to MM 13.0. Mill and Inlay, as shown in the plans, Port of Entry (MM 2 NB), US-166 Interchange (MM 4) and Belle Plaine service area (MM 26).

    More info »

  • KTA #7883

    Br. 187 Repair

    More info »

  • KTA 7897

    Bridge 26.815 NB & SB Rehabilitations

    More info »

  • KTA #7803

    This project is the civil construction work for cashless tolling sites on I-70 (KTA) in Shawnee, Douglas, and Leavenworth Counties at MM 187.45, MM 191.20, MM 200.60, MM 202.40, MM 206.55 & MM 210.06.

    More info »

  • KTA #7800

    This work will include demolition of bridge 55.507 (Main Street) over I-35 (KTA) and termination of Main Street in the City of Andover.

    More info »

  • KTA #7875

    Cashless Tolling Round 4

    More info »

Advertising Opportunities

Let us help you get your business out there. We have multiple opportunities to advertise along the Turnpike.

  • Businesses within a certain distance of KTA Interchanges are eligible to place their logo on a blue highway sign in accordance with the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD). For information on the cost and guidelines of this program, please Kansas Logos!

  • Businesses and organizations can be recognized on Adopt-a-Highway signs on the Kansas Turnpike. If you’re interested in this program or want more information, visit or contact Sarah Parkes at (800) 540-8694 or email

  • Limited advertising is available at toll plaza and service area locations. To receive information on this opportunity, contact our advertising partner.

Investor Relations

The Kansas Turnpike Authority provides annual reporting on financial and traffic information. See the current annual report and bond rating information below. For questions regarding investor relations information, please contact us.

View the latest bond rating documents provided by Moody's Investor Services and Standard & Poor's Financial Services (S&P).

Moody's Credit Opinion, September 2022

S&P Global Rating, August 2022

View the latest ACFR for Fiscal Year 2021

Learn about accomplishments and other statistics over the past five years here.

Economic Development

Stretching from border-to-border and running through the Flint Hills, the Kansas Turnpike plays an important role in the state’s economic development. The roadway connects Kansas’ four largest communities and serves as a conduit for moving people and goods in Kansas.

We're compatible with various electronic transponders and continue to explore partnerships with other states. View our Interoperability page for more information.

We recognize the essential role we play in getting goods and services to communities along the Turnpike and beyond, and we strive to make commercial travel easy. Learn more about commercial travel here.

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