College Student Summer Temporary Full-Time Employment Program - Engineering


Department: Engineering

Salary Range: $12.825

Posted: Dec 31, 2019

The following guidelines will determine eligibility for summer employees:

  • Must be physically able to perform job duties as outlined in the job description and pass a drug screen as a condition of employment.
  • Must be a high school graduate or a high school senior with plans to attend an institution of higher education.
  • Must be enrolled in and attending the spring high school or college semester as a full-time student immediately prior to summer employment. College students must be carrying a minimum of 12 hours to be considered full-time students. High School graduates must be able to provide a College acceptance letter.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must not have earned a bachelor's degree.
  • Summer employment is offered from May 1 to August 31 of each year. Assignment may not last longer than 90 calendar days starting from your date of employment.
  • Student cannot be employed for more than four summers by the Kansas Turnpike Authority.  A summer is defined as having worked more than one month during the period May 1 to August 31 of each year.
  • If previously employed by the Authority, must have a favorable recommendation by their previous year’s supervisor in order to be re-employed.
  • The Authority reserves the right to require transcripts or to contact schools to verify enrollment as necessary.
  • Effective with all new summer employees hired in 1997, only one member of any family may be employed each year in the summer program.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license issued by the State of Kansas.

Job Demands

  • Keep documentation of work done on construction projects for quantity determination and quality control.
  • Help with quality control testing and inspection of construction projects.
  • Computer Assisted Design (CAD) work and computations for the development of construction plans.

Skills, Knowledge, and Experience that are Advantageous:

  • Current enrollment in an Engineering or Construction Science curriculum at an accredited college of engineering.
  • Some skill in the use of various engineering tools used in construction and testing.
  • Some knowledge of the civil engineering field, its purposes and practices.
  • Ability to read plans and specifications.
  • Ability to understand and carry out instructions.

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