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April 20, 2021

Spring into a Motorcycle K-TAG

The warmer weather means more motorcycles are taking to the road. We have just what you need for your next motorcycle road trip—a free K-TAG. Our motorcycle K-TAGs are easily mountable, and will let you keep cruising through the tolling area without stopping to pay. They’re easy to order online at www.myktag.com/order-tags.

How to Use Your Motorcycle K-TAG video

Construction Report

What’s happening on the Kansas Turnpike? Know the latest status of each KTA construction project in our monthly construction report.

K-TAG Tip of the Month

Did you replace your windshield recently, or get a new car? Make sure to deactivate your old K-TAG online. Just removing the K-TAG from vehicle does not turn off the transponder. And as always—replacement sticker K-TAGs are free!

Work Zone Awareness

Next week, April 26-30, is National Work Zone Awareness Week. Did you know that in Kansas in 2020, there were 1,243 work zone related crashes? Please drive alert and put the distractions away.



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