Turnpike Times

August 2020


BancPass, a ‘Pay-As-You-Go’ service

Do you pre-pay on your K-TAG account? Has your account become delinquent?  Maybe you prefer to use cash but want to keep moving and save money. If this describes your situation, BancPass could be the right for you.

Compare the features of both options below. To convert your existing K-TAG account to BancPass call (866) 978-5061. You can learn more and order online at www.BancPass.com.



Service options other than K-TAG retail centers

With the two K-TAG retail centers currently closed, you can order new tags for your existing account at www.myktag.com/order. You can also use your online account management portal to update your account’s payment method, add license plates and make manual payments.

August Construction Report

Preservation and modernization projects continued along the Turnpike with pavement resurfacing, drainage capacity improvements, bridge reconstruction, and more.  Follow the progress in August's Construction Report.



Drive Sober…
or get pulled over

As summer winds down, make sure you go home with a designated driver and not one of our troopers. Always drive sober!