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July 20, 2022

Cashless Tolling Update

Progress continues toward KTA’s conversion to cashless tolling in 2024. In this latest episode of “On the Road,” CEO Steve Hewitt chats with Director of Engineering David Jacobson about toll zones and the overhead gantries needed for this large-scale endeavor. Some of the questions you’ll get answers to include “How are the gantries made?” and “Why were those locations chosen for toll zones?” among several more!

On The Road: Episode 2

Construction Report

The construction season is a busy one! If you’re ever wondering what a project is when you’re driving the roadway, our monthly construction report will give you the latest update.

K-TAG Tip of the Month

2022 is halfway over already?! The mid-year checkpoint is a great time to review your K-TAG account to make sure everything is up-to-date, including deactivating old or unused K-TAGs, checking your payment information, and ensuring each K-TAG transponder has a license plate associated with it.



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