Turnpike Times

March 2019


Spring Travel / Interoperability

Though the weather may not feel like it yet, the spring season is here, and that means more traveling! Whether it be a wedding, graduation or any other reason, we have a few tips to keep your travels smooth:

• Your K-TAG works in both Oklahoma and Texas!
• Add your license plate to your K-TAG account. Here’s an easy how-to video.
• Ensure your account is in good standing and all payment information is up-to-date.

If using other toll roads, it’s good practice to learn how each works before hitting the road.



Construction Update

Several 2019 projects began or resumed earlier this month. See what projects are happening along our roadway and their latest status with March’s Construction Update. If you missed our video last month, you can learn about all 2019 Turnpike projects here.




Was your recent K-TAG billing declined due to an expired payment method? If so, your account is invalid. Remember: once your account becomes invalid your K-TAGs will no longer work! You must update your payment information AND make a payment in order to bring your account back into a valid status.



Drive Sober

Weddings, graduations, family reunions—oh my! So many fun-filled activities are on the horizon. Make the smart decision and drive sober.