Turnpike Times

May 2020


As restrictions across the U.S.  begin to loosen, travel is increasing on the Turnpike. We’d like to emphasize the following and remind drivers to drive as if your life depends on it…because it does.



Brush up on driving skills

As you get behind-the-wheel more frequently, remember to avoid distractions, buckle up and please, follow the speed limit and other traffic laws. Watch these fun videos (created by teens in our annual contest) to review the rules of the road: 201920182017.

Share your safety feedback

Safety is an important KTA value and part of our five-year strategic plan, Driving Change 2025. An assessment to enhance safety on the turnpike began prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and now, we’d like your input. Please complete this short survey by June 30, 2020.

Be aware of construction 

Knowing where construction is occurring before you hit the road and then following roadway signage is important for travel safety. Learn about KTA’s construction projects in May’s Construction Report.

Look twice for motorcycles 

As the weather turns warmer, more motorcycles will be out. Make it a habit this month, and always, to keep an extra eye out since motorcycles are smaller than your average car. Look twice, and save a life!

Ready to travel?

Make sure your K-TAG is ready to go when you are. Login to your K-TAG account to verify your payment card is valid, you have a license plate on file, and your email address is current. Doing these three things will keep you moving.

Traffic laws still enforced

Don’t fall for the rumor drivers aren’t being stopped for traffic violations due to COVID-19. Since mid-March, the Kansas Highway Patrol Troop G – who patrols the turnpike 24/7 – has issued over 1,500 tickets and assisted nearly 1,700 motorists. Obey traffic laws – slow down, buckle up, and don’t drive distracted!



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