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November 2020

Partnership Expedite Transportation Solutions

While KTA's partnership on the Turner Diagonal Project is wrapping up, the East Kellogg Improvement Projects is making good progress. By year's end, KTA's first cashless exit is expected to open giving drivers a seamless transition from southbound I-35/KTA to westbound Kellogg.

How will it work? No one will stop. Cash drivers will go online to pay their toll (or receive a mailed statement) while drivers with a K-TAG will have their toll applied to their account.

Watch this video (below) to see how it will work. Then, encourage your friends to get a K-TAG so they can enjoy cashless tolling too, without paying online later.

Construction Report

It may not feel like it’s almost winter time, but most construction projects are wrapping up. Learn which projects are (or soon will be) completed in this month’s Construction Report.


With the holidays and exciting changes coming to the Turnpike, it’s a great time to update your K-TAG account! Along with reviewing your contact and billing information, also update your license plate information so you can take advantage of the highway speed electronic lanes at Eastern Terminal, Topeka, and Southern Terminal, and soon, the new cashless exit at 53A in East Wichita. License plates help prevent violations if your transponder doesn’t read. And remember – you always need to have your transponder properly mounted in your vehicle!

Safety Message Contest Extended

Did you get to submit a witty or attention-grabbing message for our Safety Message contest? Now is your second-chance to enter!

We are extending the contest due to a technical issue that was discovered affecting submissions. We encourage all those who submitted before October 23 to do so again, and if you haven't, now is your opportunity to do so. The new entry deadline is November 30 at 11:59 p.m. CST.

Those interested in the contest can view contest details and enter at www.ksturnpike.com/contests. The new entry deadline is November 30 at 11:59 p.m. CST.



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