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September 20, 2022

How Will Cashless Tolling Work?

In case you missed it, KTA is moving toward cashless tolling in 2024. Those new gantries you see on the roadway? That’s part of it.

So, you might be wondering, “How exactly does cashless tolling work?” The idea is simple: Tolling equipment will be located above the roadway on overhead gantries to collect tolls using a K-TAG (or compatible device) or a license plate. Drivers relying on their license plate will receive a mailed bill and can pay online.

You can watch the latest video explaining the process.

How Will Cashless Tolling Work? video

Construction Report

KTA continues to preserve and modernize its 236-mile roadway. Each month, travelers can keep up to date about each project’s latest activity in the monthly construction report.

New GEICO Partnership

The KTA Safety Assist program is getting a new look! Earlier this month, GEICO became the sponsor of the motorist assistance service, which is a key part of KTA’s effort to safely and efficiently keep traffic moving. To learn more, read the full news release.

K-TAG Tip of the Month

Do you have any “leftover” K-TAGs lying around you haven’t used? Make sure they’re deactivated on your account. If you end up needing them later, you can call the Customer Service Center to reactivate them.



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