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I received a notice the credit card on my account had expired. I updated the card, but then you turned off my K-TAG. Why?

If you update credit card or bank account information after we have processed monthly payments (after 15th of the month) any amount due would not have been paid and your tags would be subject to invalidation. To avoid this situation, you must make a payment to take care of the amount due.

Why won’t my K-TAG work in all states? 

We would love for your K-TAG to be compatible on every toll road. However, many toll roads’ technology is not yet compatible with ours. While partnerships with other states or tolling systems seem relatively simple, they are not. It takes a lot of time and effort to get independent systems to work seamlessly together. We currently anticipate being interoperable with many southern states later this year and continue to explore the possibility with other agencies. Currently, K-TAG can be used on all toll roads in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas.

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