Improvements to Keep Truck Drivers Moving

KTA is committed to the commercial industry which is important to the Kansas economy. As part of our ten-year Long Term Needs Study, we’ve made changes to enhance safety and improve travel experience to keep freight moving.

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Increase Bridge Vertical Clearance

Currently, KTA has raised the minimum clearance of 42 bridges to 15’9” to accommodate larger freight loads, and anticipates completing 50 bridges by the end of the initiative.

Lengthen Acceleration & Deceleration Ramps

Select toll plazas and service areas have had acceleration and deceleration ramps lengthened to allow for longer merge periods for commercial traffic.

Truck Parking

Parking spaces for commercial traffic has been increased at select service areas, and all six service areas contain a truck parking management system that inform truck drivers of available spaces.

Non-stop electronic travel

Toll plazas at Eastern Terminal (west of Kansas City), East Topeka and Southern Terminal (near Oklahoma border) now have highway speed electronic lanes and gates have been removed on electronic exit lanes at most other plazas allowing traffic to move through the toll plaza without stopping.

Commercial Interoperability

While accepting Oklahoma and Texas transponders, KTA also accept the widely-used commercial transponders, BestPass and PrePass Plus.

More information is located on the commercial interoperability page.


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