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Mailbag - August 2018

I see progress has really been made at the plaza near Topeka adding those highway speed lanes. I am going to get a K-TAG, but is there anything else I need to do?

There are a few important things to make sure you do when obtaining a K-TAG. This will ensure you are ready to go through the electronic lanes without getting a violation.

  1. When you order your K-TAG, place a current payment method on your account. We highly recommend using automatic bank payments so you don’t have to remember to update your card anytime there is a change to it.
  2. After you receive your K-TAG, place your license plate on file. This serves as a backup in the rare instance a valid K-TAG may not read.


It seems like, lately, I am waiting in excess of 15 minutes to talk to K-TAG customer service. Why am I not getting through quicker?

We have recently been experiencing much higher call volumes, and sincerely apologize for the longer-than-usual wait times. We have recently made an adjustment to our phone system and we’re happy to say that wait times have been drastically decreased. We are also in the process of several actions to combat this in the future which include planning an expansion of our call center’s hours and hiring additional staffing.

However, these things take time and we truly appreciate our customers’ patience while we take these steps. We also want to remind our K-TAG customers that a large number of account management features are available online at www.myktag.com/login

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