Open Road Tolling

You’ve asked and we’ve listened. Open road tolling has arrived at Eastern Terminal (MM 217) with more locations coming.

Open road tolling allows highway-speed travel in electronic lanes but still provides a cash option that many Kansans want. It improves safety by moving slower traffic toward the right, like a traditional exit, and makes room for more electronic customers due to compatibility with other states’ tolling systems. Toll plazas changing to Open Road Tolling include Eastern Terminal near Kansas City, East Topeka, and Southern Terminal near the Oklahoma border. 

How does it work?

  • Electronic users continue traveling at highway speeds through the toll area.
  • Cash travelers exit right to toll plaza for entry ticket or toll payment.
  • Check out this open road tolling graphic or watch a video simulation video (ORT-electronic, ORT-cash) to see how it works.


Open road tolling tips:

  • Don’t stop in the electronic lanes.
  • Forgot to exit right? If you didn’t get a ticket upon entry, let your collector know (or press help button on a self-pay machine) when you exit. If you didn’t exit right to pay, you’ll be charged the higher toll violation rate and mailed a violation statement.
  • Get a K-TAG to keep moving at highway speeds and pay less for every toll.
  • If you have a K-TAG, make sure it is properly mounted & your account is in good standing.

Drivers who use an electronic lane without a valid compatible transponder will be tolled at the violation rate based upon the vehicle’s class (see chart below.)

Payment for toll violations cannot be accepted until the trip is processed in our system. Trips are processed within three business days and statements are typically mailed within two weeks of the trip to the vehicle’s registered owner. At that time, the toll violation can be paid here using information from your violation statement.

Open Road Tolling locations

  • Eastern Terminal (I-70/KTA MM 217) – Opened December 2017
    • See construction photos and watch video simulations here
  • East Topeka (I-70/KTA MM 183) – Opened November 2018
  • Southern Terminal (I-35/KTA MM 17) – Construction in 2019

Video enforcement has replaced gates at 10 toll plazas and allows KTA to offer Open Road Tolling. Learn more about video enforcement.

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