Exit 53A in Wichita

Cashless tolling has arrived to the Kansas Turnpike with the first cashless toll plaza: Exit 53A to westbound Kellogg in east Wichita.

This plaza is a new experience for drivers, particularly those who normally pay at a tollbooth.

Here’s how to use Exit 53A:

  • Exit 53A will connect southbound I-35/KTA drivers to westbound Kellogg in east Wichita.
  • K-TAG customers will be billed as normal.
  • Instead of paying at a tollbooth, cash/card customers will have 10 days to go online to www.paykta.com, search for their trip using their license plate, and pay for their trip at the cash toll rate after the trip has been processed.
  • If a trip has not been processed, customers can sign up to receive an email and/or text notification when it does.
  • If the toll is not paid within 10 days, a statement will be mailed at a higher rate. Failure to pay the statement will result in a violation statement.
  • If entering the Kansas Turnpike from Kellogg via 53A, no ticket is available. Customers who typically use a tollbooth instead of an electronic transponder will need to use the cash lane when exiting the Kansas Turnpike.

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